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Specialty and Aesthetic Landscaping by Matt and Chris Lanier
Call: Matt @ 423-280-3036 or Chris @ 423-240-1987 or Office 423-870-1444
Skilled, Experienced, Dependable, Reputable, and Knowledgeable Landscapers.
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We not only promise to deliver a beautiful landscape, but that you will never have to worry about clean-up. We leave every site immaculate.

Our Services Include but are not limited to:

Free Estimates and Landscape Evaluations
We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.
We will evaluate your landscape and help you with problems that are apparent. 

Weeding of Beds
We do not like weeds and make them hard for you to find.

Lawn Renovation and Installation
We will professionally renovate install a lush lawn for you. We have proprietary knowledge and experience to achieve amazing results with proper irrigation.

Lawn Maintenance and Lawn Mowing
We will maintain and keep your lawn "manicured" all year long.

Flower Beds and Gardens
We install colorful flower beds, using creative designs. We can design beautiful gardens including rock beds.

We install and maintain irrigation systems

Clean Up
Hate raking leaves or hauling debris? Leave it to us. Reasonable rates!

Shrub Trimming
We will leave your shrubs looking beautiful and designed just how you like.

We can help your landscaping look beautiful by aerating your soil so that water can reach the root. Great around trees!

Fertilizer, Lime, and Seed
We use only the finest products when and as needed to achieve beautiful results.

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